Why unlock iPhone? Free iPhone Unlock Possible?

Why unlock iPhones ?

There are a lot of reasons for unlocking iPhones. Maybe a friend or partner has upgraded to a new iPhone and passed you theirs. Maybe you have bought one second hand or maybe you just want to change phone networks.

Another big reason is that it is possible to switch to a cheaper SIM-only tariff which can save you a lot of money (around £300 per year) compared to a standard iPhone contract.

When you first get your iPhone it will typically be ‘locked’to a mobile network, such as Vodafone or O2. This means it’ll only work with SIM cards from that network (e.g. an iPhone locked to O2 will only accept O2 SIM cards).

Generally when you want to unlock any other type of phone, you take it to a local phone shop and they unlock it for you. But iPhones are different. The status of the lock is stored on Apple’s computers, so even if you pay a shop to unlock an iPhone, it’s only ever a temporary solution. At some stage, normally when you connect your iPhone to iTunes for an update or when a new iOSis released, Apple will lock the iPhone again to the network that it was originally on.

So the only way to unlock iPhone is to have the telephone network contact Apple and inform them that the phone is now unlocked. The good news is that generally this is a pain-free, and cheap process.

Most iPhones are sold locked to a phone network, you’ll need to unlock it first before using it on a different network. In this article, we discuss the iPhone unlocking procedures for all of the UK’s major networks. You’ll need to follow them before you can swap to a SIM-only tariff or using a different SIM card when abroad. If you bought your iPhone directly from Apple, it will normally already be unlocked and you don’t need to do this. Please also note that this information is for iPhones that are locked to UK based networks only.

To place your order for unlock, please go to our section for UK networks unlock.